Dan Ehrenkrantz Consulting brings a systems approach to your challenges. A systems approach understands that an organization is made up of a number of parts, with each part making a contribution to the whole. And the organization itself exists within a larger system, or more often, within many systems. The interrelationship of the whole and the parts is complex. Changes to one area in this complex web will create changes in other areas. Often, an identified issue cannot be remedied unless underlying structures are named and addressed.

For example, an organization struggling with fundraising is likely to also struggle with achieving programmatic goals. In such a situation employees may be asked to take on additional work and management-employee relations may become strained. Perhaps the fundraising is struggling, at least in part, due to program deficiencies. And perhaps the program deficiencies have as much to do with the strained relations between employees and management as they do with fund availability. Addressing one of these issues in isolation is unlikely to be a successful approach. Dan Ehrenkrantz Consulting has the perspective and the skills to understand the interrelationship between the parts.

We know that every organization is unique. Cookie-cutter solutions will almost always lead to disappointing or even damaging results. You need solutions that are tailored to your organization and the people within it. Applied correctly, a systems approach creates an attitude of curiosity, care and respect. And it elicits recommendations and actions that create improvement even in seemingly intractable situations.

Dan Ehrenkrantz Consulting is results focused while being deeply sensitive to organizational process. Good process leads to good results.