Organizational Assessment

Is your organization ready to advance? Are you focusing on the right areas?

Our organizational assessment will help you answer these questions.

Our engagement will provide you with a comprehensive picture of your organizational capacity. Our financial analysis will provide you with a simple numerical ranking that will indicate appropriate organizational priorities. And through surveys and interviews we will assess your organization’s strengths and weaknesses. You will emerge with an understanding of where you need to focus your energies and a clear sense of how best to advance.

We estimate that conducting the organizational assessment will require 2 hours of time from a small, select group of people within your organization. We are confident that you will gain important insights from this process.

We offer this service at the competitive price of $5,000 because we are committed to the nonprofit sector and want to see it improve. The organizational assessment can be of vital help if your organization is engaged in a planning process, undergoing a change in lay or professional leadership, considering embarking upon a fundraising campaign or simply wants additional insight to help spur organizational improvement. Contact us to learn more.