Dan Ehrenkrantz Consulting is dedicated to dramatically improving your organizational effectiveness. Prior to establishing Dan Ehrenkrantz Consulting, Dan was the president of a special-focus graduate institution, spiritual leader of a religious congregation and served on a number of boards, including fulfilling the role of board chair. Clients of Dan Ehrenkrantz Consulting have included a charitable foundation with over $500 million dollars of assets, prestigious liberal arts colleges, religious organizations and small businesses.

Dan has experience successfully leading organizations in fundraising, strategic planning, program development and organizational restructuring. And from his wide experience in the nonprofit world, Dan has assembled a team of talented colleagues capable of bringing additional capacity to your most difficult challenges. Known for his ability to work efficiently and effectively, Dan is equally at home in the forest and the trees. He is committed to providing exceptional value to his clients.

You can find Dan’s published writings in a number of books as well as in such places as Forbes.com, The Huffington Post and Child Magazine. Articles about Dan’s work have appeared in The Washington Post, The Forward and elsewhere.